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Smoby Parts

Slides, playground, dolls, table football, playground ... Smoby being a multi-specialist in toys for young and old, it has a wide range of toys from all ranges. So much Smoby diversity that is offered here in spare parts on our CJouets website.


  • Smoby houses

    Find in this category all the doors, roofs, windows, partitions, screws or other spare parts for the Houses of the Smoby brand.

  • Merchants

    All of our spare parts by model for Smoby merchant imitation games such as cash registers, workbenches or counters.

  • Porters

    All of our spare parts by model for Smoby child carriers.

  • Smoby dolls

    Our category for spare parts Dolls and accessories of the Smoby brand.

  • Smoby slides

    Find all of our ladders, handles, feet, screw kit and all other Smoby parts for these different models of slides.

  • Smoby playgrounds

    Smoby children's playgrounds have a large number of parts that can be damaged or lost, whether due to the recklessness of your youngsters or a storm. Remember to repair them with our various spare parts for Smoby playgrounds.

  • Quads Smoby

    Discover our stocks of spare parts for children's electric quads from the Smoby brand. Battery, wheels, charger, screws... Repair your little one's quad now.

  • Baby foot

    Find in this category all of our spare parts for your Smoby football table.

  • Smoby Tractors

    A breakage on your child's tractor? Fix it with our spare parts for tractors built by Smoby.

  • Kitchens

    Find here our selections of spare parts by model for Smoby brand kitchen toys.

  • household toys

    Repair Smoby household tool toys with our different spare parts to let your children do the tasks of the older ones.

  • Bricolage
  • Garage Smoby

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