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Wooden toys

Tired of plastic? Give your child wooden toys which, by their solidity, are very often suitable for the little ones and will always be able to occupy the older ones, in particular with balancing games or construction games.

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Wooden kit Solar helicopter 6949

A small wooden helicopter that is not only buildable, but additionally equipped with a solar engine that charges using small solar cells with sunlight. In this way, the rotor blades turn!

Eskimo game

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Eskimo game

Here each player must take his pawn on a long journey - but many adventures await him along the way! A superb game in its wooden box for 2 to 6 players from 4 years old.

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Threading Board - Animals 1592

A color threading game training motor skills and hand and eye coordination! Charming animals invite stringing fun. By attaching the elements to the laminated wooden pegboard, children develop their manual skills.

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3D Puzzle Pirate ship 6591

Exercise motor skills with these elements to assemble including a superb ship and pirates as well as a "hammer" ensuring a solid assembly! The 16 puzzle pieces are printed in detail, the puzzle tray trains shape recognition and helps to store the pieces.

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The wobbly wooden tower 8004

It is a question of removing the sticks from the tower and replacing them at the top without the tower collapsing. Trains patience and motor skills.

natural wood

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Wooden balance tower "Zebra" 5822

An exciting game of patience and skill that requires players to be calm in order to win! All they have to do is stack the sticks (approx. 9 x 1 x 1 cm) on top of each other on the zebra. The first to stack all the sticks is the winner.

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“Birds” Wooden Music Box Kit

This 3D construction kit has 47 parts and is distinguished by its special assembly. It turns into a music box with little wooden birds that turn. It is not only possible to listen to the melody "As time goes by", but also to promote motor skills.

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